Gaelic Seattle

Catriona Parsons Presents at Fèis Seattle


Catriona Parsons will be one of four language presenters at Fèis Seattle 2019. She is a native Gaelic speaker from the Isle of Lewis. She was a professor in the Celtic Studies Department at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, N.S. for many years.

In addition, she regularly teaches the language at immersions and workshops throughout North America. Catriona is an accomplished Gaelic singer, and has produced a Gaelic course for students learning the language.

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Announcing Rona Lightfoot at Fèis Seattle 2019

Rona MacDonald Lightfoot

We are excited to announce that Rona MacDonald Lightfoot will be joining us as a presenter at Fèis Seattle this August.


Born and raised on the island of South Uist amidst a wealth of gaelic music and culture, Rona learned piping at an early age from her father whilst at the same time absorbing traditional gaelic songs from her mother (bean earsaidh ragnaill) who has been recognised as a fountain of knowledge as well as a particularly gifted exponent of gaelic music in the oral tradition.

As a consequence Rona became an accomplished piper as well as a fine singer of traditional gaelic song, with a wide repertoire and a full knowledge and understanding of the connections and interaction between the two.

Rona now lives in Inverness and is much in demand at Feisan and Ceolas, and has taught her music throughout the Highlands of Scotland as well as in the United States of America and Canada.

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