Language Learning: Online Resources

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New to Gaelic? This is a great place to find a variety of resources for learning between our monthly Slighe classes. Watch videos, learn grammar, look up words in the dictionary (with audio!), and go through the beginner courses. 


It's important to talk to different speakers. On this site, you can use credits to do online lessons with professional tutors, or find language partners to practice with. A great resource for finding other tutors! Two Gaelic teachers you will find are Mona Nicleod and Steaphan MacRisnidh (*check spelling).


Slighe Teacher Lessons/Classes

College courses

Private lessons

Language Hunters



Not sure how to pronounce that Gaelic word? Create a free account and search words on this site. Gaelic speakers upload sound files; often there are several speakers for each word! This is a good backup if the sound file isn't on LearnGaelic.


Anki Digital Flashcards (SRS)


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