Get started with Zero to Gaelic

We offer three levels of progressive instruction plus our Ceum Suas (“step up”) group for ongoing and advanced learners, with some immersion activities throughout the levels.

Gaelic Intensive Days are offered on the first Saturday of each month, from September through May. Students who complete all three levels of Gaelic (one level each season) receive a pin and certificate of completion.

Classes are held in North Seattle and include a day of language learning in an interactive class setting, from 9:30am - 3:30pm. We have participants who join us from as far as Oregon and near the Canadian border.

Download the syllabus here.

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Upcoming classes:

ZtG has been great fun, and I made way more progress learning the language than I thought possible. I have also been introduced to a whole community of folks from all over the region who are interested in learning Gàidhlig and more about Scottish culture.
— Eric Yarnell
Learning a different language is definitely not my best thing but ZtG instructors make it fun and time at the GIDs flies by. I have enjoyed making friends with other people who love Scottish culture and language.
— Susan Willis