Royal National Mòd Performance Schedule

Keep checking here for the latest information about our members' participation at the 2017 Royal National Mòd. The competitions will heard live on the following BBC sites:

For those who can't listen live at the wee hours, Radio nan Gaidheal keeps recordings of their broadcasts on their site for a week. Results will be posted on the An Comunn Gaidhealach site.


Saturday, October 14th

  • 2:00 am (PDT)/10:00 am (UK)  Pipes Ceòl Mór: Ed MacIlwaine - Lochaber High School, Assembly Hall
  • 5:30 am (PDT)/1:30 pm (UK)     Pipes Ceòl Beag: Ed MacIlwaine - Lochaber High School, Assembly Hall
  • 4:45 am (PDT)/12:45 pm (UK)   Fiddle: Brandon Vance - Caol Joint Campus, Assembly Room (Awarded 1st Place!)
  • 7:00 am (PDT)/3:00 pm (UK)   Pipes Hornpipe & Jig: Ed MacIlwaine - Lochaber High School, Assembly Hall

Wednesday, October 18th

  • 1:00 am (PDT)/9:00 am (UK)   Silver Pendant: Nancy Johnson - St. Andrew’s Church
  •                                                  Gold Medal: Seumas Gagne - Duncansburgh Church
  • 5:30 am (PDT)/1:30 pm (UK)    Silver Pendant Final: Nancy Johnson (we hope!) - Nevis Centre
  • 6:00 am (PDT)/2:00 pm (UK)  Duet: Eden Crichton & Meredith Hale - St. Andrew’s Church
  •                                                  Skye Song: Penny DeGraff, Brandon Vance - Duncansburgh Church
  • 11:30 am (PDT)/7:30 pm (UK)   Gold Medal Final: Seumas Gagne (we hope!) - Nevis Centre

Thursday, October 19th

  • 3:30 am (PDT)/11:30 am (UK)  Solo puirt-a-beul: Brandon Vance - Duncansburgh Church, Small Hall
  • 6:45 am (PDT)/2:45 pm (UK)   Waulking Song - Duncansburgh Church, Large Hall

Friday, October 20th

  • 1:00 am (PDT)/9:00 am (UK)  Puirt-a-beul: Seirm - Nevis Centre
  • 2:45 am (PDT)/10:45 am (UK)  Quartet: Oran nan Car - Duncansburgh Church, Small Hall
  • 5:30 am (PDT)/1:30 pm (UK)  Margrat Duncan: Seirm - Nevis Centre